Sell & Save On MLS® by Paying A Flat Fee Real Estate Commission

These sellers listed their 10 Queens Quay West condominium with Arthur Kozlowski, a flat fee commission Real Estate Broker & REALTOR® with One Percent Realty Ltd. in Toronto, sold, and saved $9,8002 over a traditional commission, not including bonus HST savings.

They can now go on a dream vacation to Paris.

Here is what the sellers had to say:
"First of all working with you [Arthur Kozlowski] is really a good experience, for me. I am talking about buying and selling too. I am in this real-estate market of Toronto for last few years and was working with old fashioned or very traditional real estate agents. They are not using latest electronic facilities for many steps of buying selling documents, as you are doing. That saves time and hassle and run around to meet and sign the documents. Also, you are not pushing for sale or to buy a place, which I like the most. Sometimes, I found in my past experience, the agents are pushing and telling that there are 2 - 3 more offers, so take decision fast and all. Which basically lead to hasty and wrong decision. Truly it was pleasure working with you. Hoping for long relations in future too." - Sheela

For more details on how you can save money on Real Estate Commission contact Arthur Kozlowski (BROKER & REALTOR®) at 416-825-8756 /, or visit

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